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We are dedicated to advancing your education business with its mission to create transformative educational journey through identifying growth opportunities, assessing strategic alternatives, defining optimal plans, and clearly laying out the future roadmap. Our team of experienced analysts, strategists, and implementation professionals have extensive experience in education sector. We’re here to learn, collaborate, and solve the hard problems that get in the way of your future plans.

GILT Education – We are constantly on the lookout for growth opportunities that we could turn into some profitable projects in forms of partnerships, alliances and M&A deals.

what we offer

We examine business challenges in astonishingly new ways to fuel growth and facilitate strategic consolidations that result in highest economic value and optimal return on investment for businesses in the education sector.

Winning a corporate M&A takes a powerful blend of intelligence, discipline and boldness. We gather all these attributes to do deals that create sustainable value for our clients.

Entering the Right Market at the Right Time with a Right Approach is key to your success in all growth-oriented decisions. In education business, you need to take just as much informed decisions to help you avoid risks and uncertainty and make the most of the available opportunities. At GILT Education, we provide a strategic support on all the key areas of international expansion.

Educational institutes that are willing to share knowledge, ideas and best practices with one another gain more from their alliance than they can individually. We help them maximise the value of their partnerships and alliances and facilitate the internal capabilities that are needed to sustain them.

Broken down into two types of exchange programmes, viz Students Exchange and Teachers Exchange, our International School Collaboration programmes are geared towards providing Indian students and teachers with an exciting opportunity to experience the unconventional way in education. From cultural visits to industrial trips to group workshops, our programmes are laced with features that are designed to infuse innovation and best practices into learning environments.


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